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The "I Love You" handshake.
This was our tour guide through the village of huts behind the seminary.  Shawn said of her, "She's so elegant.  She just kinda floats with that umbrella of hers!"
Here's the mighty, mighty mason patching up some water damage in the ceiling.
After a long day of work, we visited an orphanage for some singing and supper.  We exchanged songs, and even sang a few of them together!
"Little ones, to Him be-LOOOOONNNGGG!!"   Everyone enjoyed yet another one of Darren's performances of "Jesus Loves Me".
Our second Sunday morning in India, we went to the church at the work site seminary.  Pastor Peter blesses those who have brought their offerings to the altar.
This was the only Church at which we sang this Sunday--quite a change from the singing tour of FOUR churches we did last week!!  In thanksgiving, we were each given a beautiful flower garland.  Notice the traditional Indian dress that many of us are wearing as well.
Nathan and Shawn accompanied the group's singing on their guitars, and they also posed for this photo.
Nathan, Heather, Zac, Becky, Wendy, and Roy sit around one table at the restaurant where we ate lunch after church.  Nathan is appointed group food advisor, and is seen here with a menu choosing yummy food for the group's next meal.
When we returned to the Baptist Church Center after lunch, our group used everyone's flower garlands to spell out INDIA.
Later on that Sunday, we decided to take a little trip to this nifty little park in the middle of Rajahmundry.
Who would've thought that there would be penguins in India?  Well, we found one at the park disguised as a litter bin!
Pedal-powered boats were available for trips out onto the small lake.  We made quite a spectacle of ourselves, and suddenly all the Indians rented boats and followed us Americans around in the water!!
Roberta, Heather, and Nathan (not seen here because he's taking the photo) decide to skip the boats and have some Limca instead.
This is a nice photo of the sun setting behind the lake's fountain.
On Monday, our work shifted from the seminary to a local Christian school for the day.  Our project was to sand and paint some 40-60 doors and window frames within a few hours.
Blue paint for the doors and windows; water in blue bottles for the people doing the painting.
Heather uses her expert hand to paint this door to blue perfection.
Holly, Casey, Erica, and Roberta are four fun people covered in blue paint.
Ian and Darren play monkey boys as they paint these two window frames whilst Heather and Jocelyn look on.
It was a long day of work, but we managed to paint all the doors and window frames blue.  We hope that the new bright colour will serve brighten up the lives of the children who go to school here.
Following what Scripture tells us in Matthew 6:14, our group has decided not to return to the school to receive thanks and praises for all of the work we did.  Instead, we hope that the work will speak for itself and glorify God's presence here in India.
The India crew poses for a photo with some of the Indian nationals and Richard's father, the school's headmaster.
Back at the main work site, Jocelyn and Darren set to work on the front gate.
Those white-ish lines on the roof are the result of our masonary patchwork.  There will be no more water leaks down below!

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