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Feeling crabby anyone?  How about some dinner??   There were several of these little pinchy creatures crawling up and down the beach.
After returning to Hyderabad, Shawn, Heather, Tracey, and Nathan made a day's journey to and from a small village called Madiripuram, which means "model village".  It was founded by a Christian who wished to create a model village for Christian living and education in India.
Madiripuram is also a Compassion International project site where Nathan was able to meet his sponsored child, Nukala Ramesh.
The children at the site are all sponsored abroad through Compassion International.  They all gave us a hearty warm welcome with flowers, songs, and dances.
Here are some of the children performing a traditional Indian dance.
We think that the kids were pretty nervous, but they all did a fine job, and everyone enjoyed it!
Even Nukala was captivated by all of the entertainmant.
After the welcoming programme, we were given a tour of the grounds.  These kids are amazing, and their joy and faithfulness are inspiring.  As these girls were waiting here for their instructor, they all started to sing praise songs to God.
This cross was formed into the hillside near Madiripuram.  God is truly present everywhere!
This is the train station in Hyderabad (Secunderabad).  Now back in the big city for our last few days in India, the crew was able to do some sightseeing and final shopping for gifts.
Monkey see...

...I see a monkey!!   This one may look cute now, but be careful!!  These primates will turn nasty if you get too close with your camera.

Hyderabad is the computer technology capital of India.  Internet cafes are available throughout  the city, and there are several institutions for training and development in computer applications.
Hai King chinese restaurant was a real treat for the taste buds for everyone on the crew!!  A traditional favourite of Side By Side crews to India, this place serves yummy food galore!!
We shared a closing worship as a crew, and we washed each other's feet.
Here's a candid shot of Becky, Wendy, and Erica at a high school that we visited.
More dancing...this time in the tradition of the Gypsies.  The dancing and the costumes, as always, were very impressive.
Wendy, Becky, and Casey look very chic dressed up in their traditional Indian garb.
This is one of the churches that we visited during our first week in Rajahmundry.
All of the photos on this web site were taken with our two digital cameras.  In the end, it was a really powerful tool that God gave us for our ministry in India.  The children were especially thrilled to be able to see themselves instantly in our photos.
On the way back to the United States, some of us went into Amsterdam for another tour.  Here's Casey being the talkative one on a nifty Dutch payphone.
Side By Side programme director, Stacy Stern, facilitated training and debriefing for the crews.
Flashback to training: everyone's got their bags packed and ready to go to India.
Nathan and Shawn playing their guitars.
Here's a group photo with Sunitha, who met with the crew at training to share some valuable cultural information with us.  What an amazing woman!!

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