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Our flight itinerary included a layover in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  We decided to go exploring and took this group photo in Damplein (Dam Square).
After 31 hours and 36 minutes of non-stop travelling (inclusive of layovers), we arrived at the airport in Hyderabad from Mumbai (Bombay) on a Jet Airways 737.
Our hosts everywhere have been extremely gracious, especially in giving us loads of yummy food to eat.
It was a great challenge and amusement to get all fifteen of us, plus our driver, into a little green van.
And you thought traffic in the US was bad?   Anyone here can tell you, traffic here is insane.  Indian's drive with attitude!
What happens when Roberta gets her favourite Indian food at the Kamat Hotel restaurant?  Smiles and food-covered fingers all around.
Take a train from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry?  No problem.  Take all our stuff with us??  Thanks to the strong, skinny men in red on the platform!!
Becky, Jocelyn, and Wendy are jolly happy on the train!!  What fun.
"One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war!!"  Zac and Richard have a go at it.
"Sing with me!"  Shawn is one rockin' dude.
Ian looks pretty suave with that guitar, eh?   Too bad he doesn't even know how to play!!
FOOD, glorious food!!
Eating at the work site in Rajahmundry.
Wendy coddles a new-born Indian baby, only 18 days old.  Aww!!  Aren't they cute?
"We're goin' on a lion hunt!!"  Or maybe just a tour of the work site--an old seminary since relocated to Hyderabad.   Our project is to refurbish an old building, which will house the Bible Women for living and fellowship.
Shawn makes friends with the Indian children.
"Wandanalu Jesu..."  This young singer, Araviteja, performs a little tune for us--"Thank you, thank you Jesus" in Telugu.
An Indian baby, baptised in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Our crew sang at four different churches that Sunday.
"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!"  (Ps. 133:1 NIV)
"Big Giant White Man."  Can you guess who?
Our first Henna experience--little blobs of green stuff that makes our skin orange.  Neat, huh?
Who would've thought that we would be able to publish a web site from India?  Our Baptist hosts are connected to the technology, though!!
Becky and Roy survey the work site.
Books--a big pile of books--pulled from storage for salvaging and reorganisation.
Zac whacking his way through the wilderness with his sickle.  You'd better stay away from this crazy man with his weed weapon!

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