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Tracey paints a door green.  One hour later...Tracey paints herself green.
Holly is just a wee little bit bleach-happy on those dirty walls.  The result?  The dirt comes off the walls, and Holly needs a good bleaching, herself.
Rosalind and Wendy work well together whilst washing walls.  Dr. Seuss would be pleased.
Roberta and Jocelyn show the kids how to clear the brush.  Everyone is amazed by their sheer strength and power!
Nathan and Ian build the web site from the supply room at the work site.
Large area of bushy green plant life.
Now you see it...
...now you don't.  Or, at least not nearly as much.  Our group's "outdoor crew" improved the landscape around the building by weed whacking with sickles.  See the above photo of Zac for some weed whacking action!
The making of some yummy chutney to go with some yummy food that our crew would eat later on for supper.
Young Araviteja not only can sing, but he can whitewash, too!!
Wendy gives a whitewashing lesson to a young Indian girl who is eager to help.
Did somebody order a truckload of sand?  Well, the sand man is here!  We used all of this sand to mix concrete to patch the roof and ceilings.
Holly and Erica pose with some very photogenic Indian children.
"They are weak, but He is STRONG!!"   Darren leads the children in His infamous rendition of "Jesus Loves Me".
Henna brings smiles to faces all around!
Shawn can't tie his shoe with his hand covered with wet henna?  No problem.  ALL the children will try do it for him!
Holly (the small one) and Shawn (the "Big Giant White Man") pose for a few candid shots.
Holly vs. Shawn
Everything is messy smiles after a paint war!
We were all apprenticed to the mason for a day to learn a little bit of his trade.  In this photo, Zac is having a go at his superb cement mixing skills.
Four Indians work on patching the roof so that the ceilings won't leak anymore.  Boy, is it hot up there!!
Run away!  Run away!!  WATER FIGHT!!
Ian, Becky, Jocelyn, and Roberta chill out in the small hut village behind the seminary building.
An Indian woman demonstrates her artistic talents with a traditional chalk drawing on the ground.  This is the "before" shot...
...and this is the "after" shot.   Neat, huh?

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